Friday, August 18, 2006

Beth in the Bouncy Seat

News about Beth is mundane baby stuff but this makes us so happy! Nothing special to report except that we have a little freedom to meet new people and spend time outdoors until RSV season starts, most likely in November.

Here is a video showing Beth in the bouncy seat. Today she gave me her first honest-to-goodness laugh. Gramma says she has heard Beth laugh but apparently she hasn't wanted to share her laugh with Mommy and Daddy until now. This is a low resolution video:

This is the high resolution video suitable for a broadband connection:

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Beth's First Bicycle Ride

Most of you know that Mike and I are fanatical bike riders. I rode my bike all through my pregnancy with Elliott but obviously not with Beth. Since returning from the hospital, I have tried to regain some fitness but with very little success. That all might change now that Beth has taken her first bicycle ride. Elliott had his first ride at three weeks but Beth...well we had to wait a while for her. I also wanted to make sure we had both Mike and I to watch her and make sure she didn't do anything scary.

While this might seem insignificant, again this is a milestone for us. We are another step closer to feeling normal and believing that she is 100% okay. It was a significant day for not only did we ride together as a family but we rode with some of our very best friends. We had two bikes with trailers, two bikes with tag-alongs, two solo bikes, and one 6-year-old on his own bike. Total count? Six adults, two boys, two toddler girls, one 4-year-old girl, and adorable, amiable Beth.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

August Photos

Beth received the okay from her doctor to venture away on a family vacation in Aptos (near Santa Cruz). We spent a week with family and were spoiled by Gramma. Lots of beautiful sunshine and cool days (relative to Sacramento in summer).

Beth turned 6 months old on July 31 so we celebrated her life, her beautiful spirit and the miracle of her survival. She now weighs 11 lbs and 1 oz and is 23 inches long. Despite being 6 months old, she is more like a 3-month-old physically but her intellect seems closer to a 6-month-old baby. We must remember that she is only supposed to be 10 weeks old right now!

Yes, she is holding her head upright in these photos. She had a Gramma-aided roll-over on Friday. What's this? Gramma pushed the cushion of the couch down a little bit so she didn't have to work so hard to roll over. (Dr. Arab says he won't count that one!) But she is close to doing it on her own. And, she has a three-squeak laugh going. Soon that one will be a full belly laugh.