Monday, October 23, 2006

13 Pounds and Elliott's Tonsils

This photo was taken a few days before Elliott's tonsillectomy. It has been a very difficult week. His tonsils and adenoids were removed and tubes placed back into his ears. Thank goodness Beth is so easy to take care of because Elliott has needed nearly all of our attention.

The surgery went well but recovery has been terrible. Day 3 and 4 seemed the most painful for him and because he is reluctant to take medicine, there was almost nothing we could do to help. Daddy and I spent many hours holding him and trying to take his mind off of the pain. The television has been the best distractor. We have watched the SpongeBob movie at least 10 times and I've heard the Ninja Turtle theme song ... say 20 times!?

A note about surgery should your child ever need a tonsillectomy. Our surgeon elects to keep the mouth very dry during surgery. This lessons the bleeding but makes it very uncomfortable when they are coming out of anesthesia. Have very small ice chips close at hand. Also, the nurse didn't want to give him a pain killer right after surgery until he had enough fluids. I implored her to give him something ASAP and convinced her because I told her how well hydrated he was in the days before. After a shot of Phentenol, he was better able to cope with the sheer pain and fear of coming out of anesthesia.

While at home, an ice pack on his chest seemed to help on days 2-4. Now he does not want popsicles or ice cream and prefers room temperature water. I think the cold aggravates his throat so he will only take very small ice chips (especially during the first hours). A humidifier has helped him sleep and we also raised the head of his mattress to ease drainage.

Today marks day 7 and while he is doing much better, I did not expect him to still be in so much pain. He won't be able to go back to school for at least 3-4 more days. Perhaps I'll keep him home through the rest of this week.

Beth Continues to Gain
On a happier note, Beth weighs 13 pounds exactly! We are thrilled with her growth.

Please enjoy these precious photos of Beth.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

First Cereal

Solid foods are on the menu now. Here is a photo of Beth trying her first spoonfuls of cereal on Sunday, October 8. She actually did much better than we expected. I seem to remember Elliott pushing more food out and down his chin than was actually swallowed. Perhaps because Beth has experience with supplements of various textures she found this soft cereal to be rather benign. Most of it went into her mouth with a smile (except, of course, in this picture!).

Beth had her first flu vaccination today (Tuesday). She is on the high priority list and thus is among the first to receive the shots. She will have another flu shot in 30 days and she will also receive monthly shots for RSV. Those should arrive in the doctor's office any day now so we'll be visiting our doctor on a very regular basis.

After the way she handled today's shot, I don't think they will mind seeing her again. We had a cute young male nurse administer her shot today. And, I think he fairly fell in love with Beth. She hardly made a peep when he pinched her leg to give her the shot and then when he pushed in the needle and administered the shot, she serenely looked at us both -- nary a tear or cry. I honestly don't think he had ever seen a baby be so quiet. Being her mommy, I could tell that the shot hurt and she didn't really like it but she quickly forgot (or forgave us) and flashed her astonishingly cute smile.

She slept a little more than usual today but has so far been just fine. No fever and no rash at the injection site. Her temperament is sunny as usual and she has been up to her usual antics when getting her supplements. She can really clamp down now when she doesn't want me to poke a dosing syringe into her mouth. It is still so funny to see her squish her lips together while trying not to laugh.

Daddy has located the perfect tickle spot and each night I get to hear her "baby laugh" while Daddy gets her ready for bed. ...Remember those baby laughs? They are like nothing you've ever imagined they would be -- pure sunshine and cotton candy.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

12.5 Pounds and a Regular Bottle

The latest news on Beth is that she now weighs 12 and a half pounds. She is saying ba-ba and a cute little mumble with her lips pursed together. I don't really think she has assigned any meaning to ba-ba (especially since she still isn't very fond of a "ba-ba"). She is, however, now taking a normal Avent bottle and nearly 4 ounces in each of her two bottle feedings. This is a big relief because the Haberman bottle has some very small parts that are frequently lost. It also indicates that she is choking less. In fact, I can't recall the last choking episode!

Beth is a "supported sitter" now. If you hold her arms or give her little balancing help, she can sit upright -- with the BIGGEST smile you have ever seen! Solid foods aren't too far away now. And, for every mom who asks "is she sleeping through the night?" (we all crave those days!)...I am sure she would if I'd let her. However, she still has so much catching-up to do that I wake her up by 4:00 a.m. if she hasn't already done so.