Sunday, December 31, 2006

Beth is 11 Months Old Today

It is hard to believe that Beth is 11 months old today, the last day of the year. We are feeling very introspective these days as we ponder the holiday season and what 2006 has given us. On one hand it was a very difficult year with scary moments and great sadness. But as the year draws to a close, we are filled with happiness and hope.

We have hope because of the smiles in our children's faces and the twinkle in their eyes. We have hope because they are healthy and are filled with zest for life. We have hope because they show us so much love, show each other so much love and share their love with everyone around them. Truly we are blessed.

Our goal for 2007 is to give back something of what we have been given.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Our Christmas Together - 2 Front Teeth!

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth, my two front teeth, my two front teeth...

Yes, another tooth broke the surface of Beth's gums on Christmas Day. We moms mourn the loss of these toothless grins for it seems a noticeable passage out of babydom. And we nursing moms know that teeth means an occasional bite can be verrry painful! Thankfully Beth is a very considerate nurser. In fact, she gets annoyed if I try to carry on a conversation or read a magazine while she is nursing. She lets go, turns her head up and gives me a rather indignant look. It used to be I could get something done like reading while she nurses but no longer. And now that she has teeth, she'll have my full attention so I can stick a finger in her mouth should she get really mad at me and take a chomp!

Aside from her teeth, Beth received wonderful gifts and lots of love for Christmas. Elliott, too, was spoiled by everyone. Given that I was in my second week of hospitalization during Christmas last year, we all appreciated Christmas much more this year. Our greatest gift in 2006 was Beth and her continued good health will keep us celebrating for many years to come.

There are so many little advances in her development taking place each day. She rolls over easily and has mastered the art of eating soft foods. She can get out of the Bumbo seat whenever she wants to indicating she is very strong in her back and stomach (I was told she would never figure this out!!) She can shriek so loudly I expect the glasses to shatter. She seems to want to wave when Daddy or I come into view and she responds with like sounds if you babble to her.

Her health is excellent. At this moment she is fighting a small cold she caught from Elliott. He has a horrible cough but Beth seems only to have a runny nose. This is a very good indication that her immune system is strong. However, we still aren't taking in chances by exposing her to strangers or crowds.

Words cannot express our thanks to God, our family, friends and even complete strangers for their prayers and good thoughts over the last year. I may seem to belabor this point but the rally to save our little girl has touched us to the deepest core. We are forever changed and forever thankful. This blog is just a small expression of our gratitude to everyone for I know that many people still check in to see how she is doing. One look at her adorable pictures should tell you that Beth is absolutely fine and has a wonderful future.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

A Tribute to Julianne

The week we dreaded reliving has passed. Last year at this time, I was in the hospital reeling from the loss of little Julianne and trying to comprehend our journey ahead and Beth's survival. They say that in time you forget the tough moments and saddest days of your life. This hasn't yet happened for us and we aren't sure we want to forget.

Julianne didn't live in this world except for the time I carried her in my womb. However her presence generated emotions and love that has made our lives richer. Her spirit continues to feed our souls and while it often makes us cry, all of us agree that life is better because of her existence.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Toothless No More

Beth's first tooth is just cracking the surface of her gums and ohhh does it hurt! At least I hope that is what is going on because our Angel won't sleep and only wants to knaw on fingers, toys or Mommy. This tooth sighting is a little late compared to most babies but Elliott was also a late-comer with respect to teeth.

Here's her food count:
Rice cereal - Yummy
Oatmeal cereal - Yummy!!
Green Beans - Tolerable
Peas - Double Yummy!!
Butternut Squash - Yummy but not good on the digestive tract ;-)
Carrots - More, More, More!!
Applesauce - No way!
Pears - Okay at first but...out it comes!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Too Much Love?

Is it possible to love or hug a baby too much? Elliott can't be convinced of this. He is driving us crazy with hugging and kissing Beth. The problem is that for every crazy antic of his, Beth laughs and keeps reinforcing his behavior!! Don't get us wrong, we love that Elliott enjoys his little sister so but we are getting concerned for her safety.

One of Elliott's favorite things to do is to push Beth in the swing chair. He pushes her up as high as he can and then lets go. Not so bad, is a swing chair. However, when he pushes it up, Beth leans forward and then when he lets go, she slaps back into the chair while wildly giggling and she rocks back and forth.

Now, I suppose if she were hurt, she wouldn't be laughing but I'm just afraid he is going to go to far. He has already turned her upside down in her car seat carrier (thank goodness for the roll-bar the manufacturer conveniently installed so we could carry her or roll her around).

13 Pounds and 12.5 Ounces
She isn't a moose yet and I don't think she ever will be but she is gaining steadily. She was weighed by the doctor's office just last Friday (12/1) when her second Synagis shot came in (for RSV). She fits so nicely into the 3-6 month size clothing that I marvel at her size.

No teeth yet but a biting sense of humor. She has a gremlin in her eye now and Daddy and I can see TROUBLE coming in the years ahead. Beth clearly understands a joke and enjoys any antic that gets a giggle or exasperated look from Mommy and Daddy. She is watching Elliott too and obviously learning how to get our attention.

Food Trials
If you recall, our doctor wants us to have been on red meats by 1 year of age. He tells us that iron from her diet is a much better source than from supplements. So, we are on a steady track of introducing her to foods. We go for 5 days on one new items to see if she has any reaction. We have started with green veggis and progressed to root veggis. After that we'll try light fruits and starches (corn and potatoes). Then we'll try white meats and finally red meats. Each item is introduced alone (no mixed fruits or chicken and corn). She has made it to carrots and last week we tried butternut squash. However, the squash seemed to shall I say... poop a lot. We'll stay away from that one ;-)