Thursday, July 26, 2007

How Lucky We Are

Last night I held poor Beth while she cried from teething pain. I lamented about how tired I was and the sleep I was missing but then the warmth of her body calmed me down and made me feel so lucky. She sucked on her thumb while I snuggled into her soft hair, smelling that pure clean that only babies have. I thought back to the days in the NICU when we couldn't hold her and feared she wouldn't survive. I thought back to the stories I read from the 100+ moms in my Preemie Mom's group. Many of these mom's can't feed their babies because of oral aversions. Some children have cerebral palsy. Some children are deaf or have paralyzed vocal chords from the PDA ligation.

Some of these precious preemies didn't survive. Sadly while we did lose one of our little girls, Beth did survive and she is so healthy. So many things could have gone wrong but didn't. Aside from her diminutive size, Beth is the healthiest baby you'd ever meet. She is smart, opinionated, joyful, playful, demanding, loving...the list goes on and on...

That's the beauty of it. The list DOES go on and on and we are privileged to know each component of her personality and physical well-being. I don't know why God let us be the lucky ones but even with our losses, I do feel we have some good luck to have such joy with Beth and Elliott -- even sans sleep.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Just Pictures

These were taken by my sister-in-law, Cathie. She has developed a great talent for taking photos and especially for editing them. Beth is cute anyway but these are precious.

All is well here except that Beth is glued -- I mean GLUED -- to my leg all day, everyday. I am trying not to complain but sometimes I'd just like to go to the bathroom without her wailing at me to pick her up! ... just rememeber all those days I couldn't pick her up...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Video of Playing on the Beach

This is a video of Beth and Elliott playing on Seabright Beach on a glorious sunny day. Some notables about Beth: she is now 17 pounds and 2 ounces and has just turned 17 months old. She has eight teeth. She loves to eat and really has taken a liking to any kind of meat (unlike her brother). She usually sleeps through the night except, of course, during our vacation. Elliott can make her laugh like no one else. She can say doggie (any four-legged creature with hair), cookie (actually "ca-ca"), mama, dada, uh-oh, and is trying to say "Elliott" (more like "eyyott"). She is horribly mischievous and loves to throw food off her tray when she is finished eating. If she can tell you don't want her to do something, she stares you in the eye, grins and keeps right on doing it! We are thrilled with her spirit (probably saved her life).

Monday, July 09, 2007

Vacation in Santa Cruz

We all went to Santa Cruz with Gramma over the Fourth of July holiday week. We are feeling a strong need to be together with our family these days as we try to recover from losing Barry a few weeks ago. A week together on the coast was nice but not without its own trials.

Beth still has ear infections so she was cranky the entire week. I was bit by a wasp on Tuesday and after a nasty bout of hives (and almost a trip to the ER), spent two days nursing a badly swollen leg and foot. Don't even ask me about the drive home on Saturday.

Our biggest adventure during the week was the complete anarchy that descended upon Santa Cruz on the 4th of July. We had no idea this was going to happen...If you want to see something spectacular, visit SC on the 4th. Fireworks are outlawed but this doesn't stop anyone. And, the fireworks set off are not just the typical purchase from the neighborhood Boy Scouts. People park their boats off the shore and launch professional-style pyrotechnics from yards, boats, guns, sand...for nearly three hours, we saw and heard 30-50 fireworks going off every minute in an incredible -- albeit unchoreographed -- aerial show. These were the same kind of fireworks you see launched in your hometown extravaganza. In our town of Folsom, they say a 15-minute show costs $50,000. If I had to estimate how much was blown off in Santa Cruz that night, I'd say a $1 million worth of fireworks studded the sky that night. For the first 30 minutes it was fun. After that we began to worry that the next one would be launched into our cottage or blast off a neighbors rooftop.