Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Photos

Whew! We made it. All told, we have been in these costumes 4 times in the last 7 days. We started off at Elliott's school festival last Friday. Then we visited Bampa yesterday. We dressed up in them two times today: once for a party at My Gym and again to go Trick-or-Treating. Beth handled herself pretty well considering the gyrations it takes to pull the Ladybug suit over her head. Yes, I made her costume. It really wasn't too hard. A few squares of Felt goes a long way. I have been shopping for just the right hat for weeks but in the end, had to use one of her existing hats to attach the antennae. I was trying to find a cute little hat like the Ladybug on James and the Giant Peach. ...the things we mommies will go through to dress our little ones.

As you can see Elliott was a ninja. It was hard to break down and make this costume when it was just staring at me from a rack at Target for $9.99. We added a few touches and now it resides in his dress up bin (which is big enough for a small elephant to play in!). I wonder how large Beth's dress up bin will be by the time she is six years old?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wow, She is Tiny

Okay, I am official tired of saying Beth is 20 months old but really should be about 16 months old. If she weren't so darn small, I could just happily relay her age. I think I'll just stay vague and respond with "a little over a year old." Think that will do??

We are bushed. Beth is a tyrant albeit a cute and lovable one. Don't get me wrong. It took amazing effort to get her here and I'm extremely thankful that she is doing so well. However, you would think that her dimuative size would suggest a timid spirit. No way, Jose. Folks who know the story say it was her spirit that kept her alive during those scary days between week 18 and 26 and then in the toughest days in the NICU.

Okay, so her spirit kept her going...what is keeping Daddy and me going? I guess I would just like her to quiet down a little and stop trying to tear the house down!
...just a moment of whining...

This is a photo of my dad who has late stage Alzheimer's Disease. We have had a hard time getting him to open his eyes lately. Dad loves chocolate and I discovered today that he can be "bought" for a few Junior Mints! He loved them and kept reaching out for more just waiting for me to plop one in. IN fact, this photo isn't very good because you can see that Elliott, Beth and Dad are all sucking on Junior Mints (see the box in our ladybug's hand?). Find joy where you can, says my mom.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Elliott is a Two-wheeler; Beth Weighs 18 pounds!

Hard to believe that Beth is 20 months old and just 18 pounds (exactly), but it is true. Tiny but a trouble-maker is our girl. We're trying to figure out the routine for her witching hour, which is 5-7 p.m. each night. She gets a second wind at 7:00 and is then once again fun to be around. Before that, however, she is a holy terror!. She climbs on the table, pulls down the table cloth or any glass of water she can find. We've taken to moving the chairs onto the carpet, which means that now I never do sit down. She digs in drawers and bangs on the glass door. She digs in the game cabinet trying to get everything all over the floor -- all the while she is wailing somethin' fierce!

I've tried feeding her at 5 and putting her to bed at 7:00 but that backfired. Instead, she slept an hour and cried until 10 p.m. Tonight we tried feeding her at 5:00 and then sitting her down with Elliott to watch a little TV while Daddy and I ate dinner. This worked a little better.

Elliott finally got the gist of two-wheel bike riding. He is no safely (ney, he'll never be safe) a bike rider. We are aiming for the 12 mile ride around our little lake. He can make in a tag along so now it is just a short while for real bike riding!

Elliott turned 6 a few weeks ago. I am so proud of our son. He is growing up quickly and despite unbounded exuberance that sometimes gets him into trouble, he is polite and wants to be a good boy. We've started a nickle system where he can earn or lose nickles depending on behavior or just nice things. It is working well. He beams when you give him a nickle. There are two rolls in my jar at when he earns them all away, he gets both rolls and a special coupon for golf, bowling or some other fun activity.