Monday, November 26, 2007

Beth Gets Into Her Work

This is a typical scene. Beth loves to climb up on the table because she knows she'll get our attention this way. We don't want her to fall onto the wood floor so she gets immediate feedback from us.

Her lying on her tummy is another common sight. She REALLY gets into her work be it coloring on paper or coloring on the carpet, putting puzzles together or shoving puzzle pieces behind the cushions. She has an amazing ability to concentrate on a task -- at least when she FEELS like concentrating. Sound typical for a toddler?

Everyone has been sick over the holiday so we are all very tired and cranky. However, being with family has been especially important this year. Without Barry here to celebrate life and the joys of family, it has been difficult to stay focused. Barry loved Thanksgiving because the four-day holiday gave him more time to be with his family. We miss him terribly. I don't even know how to give him adequate tribute. All I can relay is that his presence, his raucous laugh and fierce dedication to his family are hugely missed. You were one in a billion, Barry.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

R2D2, ET and Beth Marie

I have a theory...It all started a few weeks ago when ET was playing on one of the cable channels. We hadn't seen it in a while, having been reluctant to let Elliott see 1) another boy on TV with his name lest he get an even LARGER ego, and 2) ET seem to perish after the scary government folks poke and prod him unmercilessly. Now that Elliott is six it seemed the right time to let Elliott watch the movie.

Do you remember when ET got angry or excited how he would rock back and forth and let out that high-pitched EIIIEEEKKK (or whatever sound he made)? It looked strangely familiar to us... Soon Beth launched into one of her ranting fits and we made the connection.

Then I got to thinking about R2D2. Remember when he sticks his probe into the wall (was it in Empire Strikes Back) and gets shocked across the room? Remember how R2D2 would get angry or excited and start rocking back and forth and let out his own little EEIIIIIEEEKKK? Don't they all seem strangely similar?

Here's my theory...Steven Speilberg had toddlers about 25 years ago when he made those movies...Ah, he is human. Clearly he is a brilliant human but none the less, he takes inspiration from his children just like the rest of us.