Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Two Year Old Doctor Check Up

Seems we can't buy any weight gain for Beth. I thought surely she was over 20 pounds at her 2 year old birthday but today's doctor check up disputed that. I made them check her on two scales and each one showed a mere 19 pounds and 1o ounces. DAMN! She is healthy and again Dr. Arab has no concern about her weight gain. In fact, he was more interested in telling me how he faced down a pharmacy sales rep and her boss to complain about the rising cost of vaccinations. I tell you, this is the type of doctor you want on your side.

He gave her a thorough check up (when she wasn't strangling my neck trying to get away from him!) and declared her healthy as a horse. She is 32 inches tall and has just eeked into the sub-5th percentile in height. Her weight...don't ask. She is about as far below the zero-point as the scale is wide. Our only consolation is that she is gaining in a steady but slow curve.

Beth has thoroughly enjoyed her birthday. She has a cute way of saying "hippy da'-day" and insists on punching her singing-Elmo birthday balloon 10-15 times per day. Yesterday she was uttering something cute while Elliott played with her in the backyard. I finally figured out that she was copying him as he said "upsie daisy" while he helped her climb the rocks. Beth says something like "juppy daaadie". I'll see if I can record these because they are just too cute.

Life is good. They are both healthy and we are thanking God each day.