Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Can She Really Count?

I am a little freaked out here. Maybe other mothers of girls will roll their eyes at me but Elliott could never do the things Beth is doing at her age. Yesterday I sat down next to her while she was playing and listened to her talking. She was counting the sections on one of her toys! She went all the way up to 13 (although she missed number five). Do girls typically do this at 26 months (she is actually only 23 months)? She also knows most of her letters. I think she is just very verbal and likes to talk -- not that I want to reinforce stereotypes...

Now she is uttering Japanese, Spanish and French from her Baby Einstein DVDs. I know she hasn't actually learned those words but she is mimicking the voices on the DVD. I am sure she will follow Mommy's footsteps into some career like public relations. ;-)

Friday, April 18, 2008

T-Ball Season

No, Beth isn't playing T-Ball yet but she is certainly making her presence known on the field! Daddy coaches Elliott's team, I am team-Mom and Beth is the team mascot/clown. We only talk T-ball in this house! I hope you enjoy these photos of Elliott, Daddy (with our tiniest player) and Beth. We are the red team, the Phillies!

Yesterday I went to see my OB-GYN, Dr. Cragun. He is a dear man whom we credit for saving Beth's life. I almost miss seeing him these days. Each day of our hospital stay, we relied on his confidence to see us through every day of our hospital stay. We just can't say enough great things about him. Thank Heaven he entered our life at just the right time. I am absolutely sure that Beth made it because of him.
On May 1st, we will celebrate "Beth Day"! Two years ago on May 1, 2006, Beth came home from the hospital. Her real due date was May 9 (rather than January 31) so we designated May 1 as her "Beth Day." It is a time to celebrate her life and the miracle of her coming home. It was an amazing day for us and I'll never forget hearing Dr. Getman ask us "How would you like to take Beth home today?" So May 1 commemorates this special day and we smile ALL DAY LONG!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spring Thoughts

Wouldn't it be nice to sleep so soundly? Looks like Beth just dropped into her crib and feel instantly asleep. Thankfully, she does sleep easily (unlike her brother) because her energy level during the day is the stuff legends are made of. She seems to be rivaling her brother.

"Beth Day" is coming up on May 1. We get to celebrate two years of her being home. Despite the completely typical life we lead with her now, Mike and I still shake our heads in disbelief.

No amazing news except that she now knows almost every letter of the alphabet and can discern small letters, too. She weathered through another cold without complication and even though she is now weaned so no extra immunity support from me!