Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Snoozing and Mom Falling Down on the Job

Try as I might to plan this better, I cannot seem to keep Beth awake during a bike ride while she is in the trailer. Today I left at 9:30 a.m. thinking that since she had just woken up two hours earlier, she would stay awake. No such luck. Within 30 minutes her talking stopped. Then she stopped reading books (look at her feet for discarded works). Soon, her head started to nod and then, BAM! She was out like a light.

I've never seen her sleep with her mouth open, catching flies like Gramma used to do on long car rides. She didn't even hold on to her ever-present blankie. The result of my snickering at her rapturous repose is that she didn't nap this afternoon -- just punishment for me!

I suppose this is payback for my transgression on Monday. I found a dead bumblebee on the ground and thought Beth would enjoy touching it since she would never get the chance with a live bee. I considered the option that the bee was not TOTALLY dead but apparently...I didn't consider that possibility strongly enough to muster the necessary caution. Instead, Beth snatched him from my hand and was promptly stung by the stunned, possum-playing bee.

Lord have mercy! She didn't even get a stinger in her finger but she let me know about it for about an hour afterwards! I realize it really did hurt and I felt very low after my failure to protect her but she made a fuss for a loooong time.

After we were sure she wouldn't swell up or go into shock, Mike and I had a few good jokes about it. I reminded him of the time he left Elliott alone in the stroller at the top of our very steep driveway and he plummeted down 40 feet of a 15% slope into the fence across the way. Or, the time he didn't connect the tag-along to my bicycle properly and Elliott dropped to the pavement going 10 miles an hour!

We have had some failures and minor transgressions in our parenting but thankfully both children are in good shape. Now if I could just get Beth to go to bed tonight...

Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Bird-day to Gwamma

Mom turns 75 today! It is hard to believe but all too true. To show off her boundless enthusisam and good health, she is travelling in Italy with her other not-so-young friend. We miss you mom! Here is a cheerful rendition of Happy Birthday from Beth.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day 2008

Beautiful children. Lucky me.

Sometimes I drift off and think of what we have lost. But, then I get to hug these two and I am profoundly thankful for what we have. Lucky, lucky me.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Friends You Could Count On

I grew up on a horse farm in the middle of suburban Sacramento. We had a great little spread with 10 acres, pastures, barns and FABULOUS neighbors. We have remained friends with nearly everyone who lived on Mason Lane. Our next-door neighbors from those happy days were the Goldbergs and their eldest daughter (whom I used to baby-sit!!) has an adorable 3-year-old. Well, little Ginger had a birthday party last weekend and their Grandmother (our old neighbors who still live in the same house from years ago) brought horses to the party for the children to ride.

I have not sat on a horse for over 20 years so here I am atop Ann's old polo pony holding Beth who was not too happy about the situation. Elliott rode his stead like a young cowboy but Beth raised quite a ruckus.

It was a treat to sit astride a horse and for a brief moment, I yearned for the good old days when I would spend hours in the barn washing horses, cleaning tack and riding. There were many stalls to muck and more hard work than I care to recall but the rewards of having horses were many. More importantly, perhaps, the friendships we developed when horses were sick, accidents occurred or emergency floods ripped through the barns taught us how to respect our neighbors and rely on their aide. When our world fell apart two years ago, many of these same folks visited us in the hospital, said prayers for us and kept us distracted with phone calls and cards.
Haven't we been lucky...

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Happy Beth-Day

We are nearly speechless with joy and amazement. Beth's presence never ceases to amaze us. A little over two years ago, we never imagined we would have celebrations like this. We were so full of fear, unsure we could even get her to the point of survival. And then when we got there, we feared she would not live through her days in the NICU let alone become a beautiful, vivacious little girl. Bless you Beth for having such spunk!