Friday, July 18, 2008

Proof Positive

Remember my post a few weeks ago about Beth the Carnivore? Well, here is proof positive. This is even funnier to us because she has been on an eating strike the last week. I doubt she is consuming 400 calories a day. Thankfully she likes milk because that is where the bulk of her calories come from.

Anyway, fun photos of Beth and can I gush about Elliott? Dang, he is one cute kid. When he smiles, those dimples melt your heart. He is getting a few freckles on his nose to make him even cuter.

One hysterical point to add about these ribs. Guess what Elliott was eating while Beth noshed on pork ribs?...tofu.

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Yin and Yang

Each day I watch Beth grow but what amazes me the most is how her personality matures. Isn’t it amazing that toddlers show their own sense of humor and traits that will make up their adult personas? Mike and I often reminisce about how Beth is different from Elliott. Ah ha! What a fun exercise for our blog.

Beth loves to sleep. Elliott hates to sleep.
Beth sucks her thumb and uses a blankie. Elliott has never used such comfort devices DESPITE my pitiful pleas for mercy!
Elliott climbs into the high chair. Beth climbs into the crib.
Beth BEGS for books. Elliott BEGS for TV.
Elliott eats tofu. Beth eats BEEF!
Elliott eats vegetables. Beth won't touch them with a 10-foot pole.
Elliott can’t stand to get water on his face. Beth giggles and laughs and gurgles the water as it runs over her forehead.
Beth smiles as she is laid down to sleep. Elliott required 20 minutes of rocking or dancing to get him to sleep and he still finds a way to delay sleep as long as possible.
Elliott used to go on hour-long walks with the stroller. Beth has a hissy-fit and can’t even make it the 15 minutes it takes to walk Elliott to school.
Elliott was born with hair and grew loads of beautiful blonde curls by 12 months. Beth was born with hair (but that doesn’t count), lost her hair and still has roughly 200 pieces on her head!
Elliott could sleep through a rock concert. Beth wakes up when the door squeaks open.

How are they similar? They are loved more than we ever thought it possible.