Friday, August 29, 2008

Is Elliott Smarter than His Parents?

Our drama these days is centered around Beth's eating habits (thank Heaven our problems are as minor as this!) As you know, Mike and I struggle to get Beth to eat. There seems to be no pattern nor rhyme/reason to her eating. We've tried all kinds of tricks and cajoling.

We make sure no one says the word C-O-O-K-I-E around her prior to or during a meal because she will instantly stop eating and fixate on a cookie. She then steadfastly refuses to eat anything else until said cookie is produced. I, however, have decided we will try training her to eat by sticking to our guns and only producing said cookie after she has finished at least some of her meager meal. (...don't ask me how this silly lesson is going...)

Anyway, a few days ago Elliott started coaxing Beth into eating by telling her that everything on her plate was C-A-N-D-Y! I'll be an ostrich-with-my-head-in-the-sand, but Beth started eating whatever he put in front of her.

...sometimes you just gotta stop thinking so hard.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Summer Vacation Photos 2

Mike and I took about 7 rides together during out two week vacation (thanks Mom and Athena for babysitting). One of those rides was up a 7 mile climb along Barker Pass. Towards the top we came around the corner to find beautiful wildflowers. Later on, we brought mom and the kids up to 8,000 feet where the flowers were stunning.

Just a handsome shot of Elliott. He does look like a grown up boy here. I must say I am happy to have Beth around (for obvious reasons) because I don't feel like the 40+ mother that I am when holding a toddler in my arms.
This other photo shows Elliott and Beth sleeping together in our room at Tahoe. Because Beth won't sleep in the port-crib anymore, we had to be creative with sleeping arrangements. It took a few days but eventually got Beth to settle into bed with Elliott (on most nights). She managed to crawl up into our bed numerous times over the two weeks we were away but overall, they enjoyed sharing a bed.
The young lady on the left is my niece, Nicole. She and her friend, Maddie, came up for the first weekend. Beth enjoyed their attention and teenage giggles. By the way, Elliott was not lost on their good looks either. He is a flirt and the more girls around him (especially pretty girls), the better. We foresee trouble ahead!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Eat Something, Darn-it!!

Beth is on an eating strike again. Sure, she loved beef four weeks ago but now won't have anything to do with it. In fact, she won't have anything to do with anything that isn't spelled C-O-O-K-I-E. By my estimate, she brings in 400 calories a day and most of that is from milk. Here is how today has gone so far:

  • Up at 6:00 and won't eat. At 7:30 she consumes 2 bites of raisin toast, 8 pieces of Golden Grahams and 4 ounces of milk.
  • After dropping off Elliott, I take her to McDonald's to see if she will eat pancakes with copious amounts of syrup. No dice. She won't even eat the bacon or sip the O.J.
  • at 9:00, I take her to My Gym. In the course of an hour she finishes the other 6 ounces of milk. At CostCo, she eats a few dried blueberries.
  • At lunch, I offer her part of my sandwich. She takes it apart and eats 1/4 of the "bun" which is the wheat bread holding the salami. She pines for a cookie and I tell her she has to eat her sandwich.
  • She awakes from her nap asking for a cookie. I won't give her one without eating. I pick up Elliott and she asks for juice. I give her juice and offer the sandwich. She eats two chips and half a pickle but no sandwich.

This is typical for her. She either stuffs her face or refuses any sustenance. I am really getting concerned and frustrated! I could operate a grocery store with the food we have tried for her. Two nights ago I made a chocolate milkshake with banana in it. She drank about 3 ounces. ...just a little whining on my part and a fair bit of concern. Any feeding advice would be happily received.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

21.1 Pounds!

How do I maintain my cool when Beth is tipping the scales at a mere 21.1 pounds! I took her to Maternal Expressions on Monday after our return from vacation because the sight of her tiny legs is scaring me. I was not pleased by what the scale revealed. Beth has gained over a pound since January so I suppose that is acceptable but I just keep hoping she will surprise me and hit 22 pounds.

I keep getting reassurance from all sources. The kind lady at the maternity store where I weighed her remarked about how tall she seemed and that her skin, hair and eyes are healthy. Two moms at My Gym told me stories of their tiny kids (one 4 year old only weighs 33 pounds). All my friends remind me that at 5 feet tall, I’m not exactly a giant myself.

I think the issue – well two issues, really – is that she is a lousy eater except when she decides to go on a BEEF BINGE. The other is that we mothers of preemies never get over the panic of seeing such tiny babies fighting for their lives. I have read of Holocaust survivors who have eating disorders all their lives. I’m not saying that our ordeal was as horrific as the Holocaust but I can attest to the long-term scars wrought by extremely stressful situations. And when they go on for a long time like a 90-day NICU stay preceded by the horrors we experienced, it is sometimes difficult to find where normal lies.

Each day this week, I have threatened to call our doctor to get his opinion on Beth’s growth. I keep saying to myself that if she eats well today, I won’t call him. Guess what? Beth is eating very well this week so Dr. Arab has been spared my paranoia.

Let’s see what she weighs in two weeks, eh?

Next up... vacation photos from Tahoe. What fun we had!