Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Week of Firsts

This has been a week of "firsts" for us. Miss Beth took her first train ride on "James" (actually the Light Rail which looks nothing like James or any other steam engine). She also went ice skating with me today.

The train trip was a bit of revelation for us. It was my hare-brained idea to take the train down to McDonald's for lunch. My thought was that we could let the kids play in the indoor playland, get lunch and then take the 3 mile train ride back to the historic district. It is a short walk from the light rail station to our home. What could go wrong?

We managed to get down there without too much trouble. It was the trip home that was difficult. To be more specific, it was the process of getting from McDonald's, out the door and to the light rail station that was the most troublesome. In the span of ten minutes, Beth threw a stupendous fit on the McDonald's floor earning giggles from every other mother who had been there but at the same time, mortifying Mike. I was about to lose my cool as well. Elliott thought the whole thing was hysterical.

We don't really know why Beth suddenly decided to counter anything she is offered or asked to do. She just hit the point where nothing in God's green earth met her approval be they chocolate chip cookies, Mommy, Daddy, play, no play, eat, no get the picture.

We carried her out into the cold without shoes, gloves or a jacket because we couldn't get anything on her. In the process of walking out the door and down the street to get to the train, Mike announced that there was no way in H^&* that he was going to get on a plane with Beth to go visit his mother.

I admit that his prediction that we might not actually make it down to Arizona without grounding the airplane is probably correct. The latest decision is to send Mike and Elliott down there without Beth and me. ...I wonder who is getting the better end of this deal?

Oh, the other first? This is the first time that I admitted Mike was absolutely, 100 percent correct.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Beth does NOT like Santa!

We met Santa a few weeks ago. Poor Beth had other things on her mind besides sitting on the lap of a strange man with a beard! You might enjoy taking a peek by clicking on the link above. Copyright prevents me from taking an illegal screen shot or scanning the photo so that I can post it here. Besides, I'd like to credit Katchinyakandid Photography for capturing such a hysterical moment!

Here is a happier moment captured last weekend as we stood in front of our Christmas tree. I had intended on capturing a nice family moment at the tree farm but Beth had other things in mind (or OUT of her mind).

Here is the story...she had a major meltdown at the Christmas Tree farm. Beth wanted to carry back the saw we had used to cut down said tree and despite her ministrations, I refused. She resorted to kicking and rolling about in the bright red dirt while I held the coveted saw and limb loppers from her grasping hands. Daddy and Elliott were lugging the 8-foot tree (more like a 10-footer if you asked Mike) up and down two small valleys to the car. I couldn't pick up Beth with the pruning implements in my hand and yet I had no help in sight.

Three families wandered by with knowing smiles on their faces. When I finally did manage to get her back to the car, she tried running "back to the forest" when only 10 minutes before she was yelling "back to the car."

While Daddy tried to tie on the tree, I tried to tie Beth into the car seat...another thing she did not want to do that afternoon. We struggled long enough for the family next to us in the parking lot (one of the same who saw Beth's tantrum on the forest floor) to skip back to the car, drop their tree into the truck bed, load up the kid and drive off. Ten minutes later while we were still trying to get Beth in the car seat and the flippin' tree onto the roof, this same family drove back into the parking lot. I don't know why... I don't know how long they were away...

Some time later (actually it was at some point in the middle of the forest), I ditched the idea of taking a pleasant family photo of us at the glorious tree farm at Apple Hill. Our Christmas card proudly shows the four of us smiling in front of the tree in our living room.

...Only those who read our blog will know the true story.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Fundraiser for Friends of NICU

The Friends of the NICU ( will be holding a fundraiser at Strings Italian restaurants on December 11. A portion of all meal sales will support this worthy group.

The Friends of NICU provides items directly to the families who have babies at Mercy San Juan and Mercy Sacramento. We were fortunate that I did not have to work while Beth was in the hospital for her 90-day stay. Not every family is so fortunate. With the economy taking such a hard hit, families may have an even harder time coping with the financial and emotional stress.

You can go to either restaurant between 4:00 and 9:00 on Thursday, December 11 knowing that your dinner out will help other families. This day has special significance to us because this is the day I entered the hospital. Beth was born--by the grace of God--almost 8 weeks later and came home on May 1.

Strings in Folsom (by Kohl's)
1013 Riley Street., #100
Folsom, CA 95630
Phone: (916) 983-9556

Strings at Country Club Plaza
2380 Watt Ave. Ste 150
Sacramento, CA 95825
Phone: (916) 487-7877