Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ear Infection. Boy am I glad to be home!

Beth has an ear infection. This is such a minor blip in the road that it amazes me. Our doctor took one look on Tuesday and confirmed that the bulging eardrum needed extra care.

What stuck me as ironic is that he had to flip way back through Beth's chart to find out when she had the last one. We had to go back to last summer to find her last dose of antibiotics. A wry knowing smile crossed both our faces. Elliott had ear infections every 4-6 weeks and he was a robust full-termer! Seems Miss Beth got an extra dose of good antibodies from the numerous transfusions she received...(not really but a nice thought).

I'm back from my business trip to Florida. More migraines on the trip and a crummy hotel room. Thank goodness I am home. Now I am preparing to have 5 three-year-olds in the house on Saturday for Beth's third birthday party. In the midst of this, the floors are being replaced and don't look to be finished today as promised.

...I feel another migraine coming on...

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Christmas photos

There were many happy moments this Christmas but there are a few notable snapshots here we would like to share.

First off, it is interesting that of all the presents Beth and Elliott received, this box filled with pink popcorn provided the most entertainment and caused the biggest mess.

Second, we never noticed how much Beth looked like Cindy Lu Who until we watched the Grinch Who Stole Christmas on our entirely too large television (just so you know, I bought this against my better judgement. We've decided to try keeping the economy going). Notice how she is naked lying on the play table. She strips down every evening just when it reaches the coldest part of the day.
Third, we are very grateful that Elliott has not outgrown his ski helmet because he has outgrown everything else meaning that getting him equipped to go skiing will further support our economy.
Fourth, Elliott has taken on a new shape to his face giving testament to the fact that he has grown an awful lot in the past year. Beth, thankfully, has decided she likes eating and for the past month has packed on a few pounds. My guess is she will hit 26 pounds by the time of her three-year check up. When I picked her up yesterday, I could honestly say that she felt like a substantial child in my arms. Still not he size of a typical three-year-old but actually feeling like she wouldn't blow away with the next gust of wind.
Fifth and most important, we feel like the luckiest people in the world. We will make no predictions about the economy or world peace or health for 2009. We will just be happy and thankful to God for each good moment we have.