Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We did it!

Beth has finally crossed the barrier into being potty trained! I was reluctant to say it before now fearing that I would jinx the process. In addition, she is sleeping in her big girl bed! I know these are pedestrian tidbits but it is fun to report such normal rites of passage. This also happens to be the week I fill out paperwork for her preschool. This part has suddenly taken on much more meaning than I thought it would. Now that the day is here when she is taking a step from baby-dom to kid-dom, I'm getting cold feet.

This photo shows the two of them sharing a hide-a-bed while on our vacation (Beth is naked, of course). The trip pushed her over the edge into reliable potty use. It happened sometime after my 20th sprint across SeaWorld to get her to a bathroom. After missing the opportunity for the 19th time, Beth finally got the picture that we needed a little more notice between saying "Potty!!" and actually releasing.

Moving the big girl bed happened because we just simply removed the crib from her room on the day we got home from vacation. Then I made her stay up all day so that she would be to tired to complain when being put to bed that night. She gave us some grief and said she didn't LIKE her big-girl bed but in the end she succumbed and slept soundly.


On a more meaningful note, I am providing some help the Friends of the NICU. We are planning a fund-raising dinner on Saturday, November 14 at the Lake Natoma Inn in Folsom. Mark you calendar! More information to follow.