Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Celebration of Miracles - SUCCESS!

Early details coming in...about $40,000.00 raised (yes, that is 40 THOUSAND) to help families with babies in Sacramento area NICUs. More to come.

This is a photo of me, Beth and my handsome husband, Mike. We brought Beth over for the first few hours. She enjoyed showing off her pretty dress. Where was Elliott?? At home, playing with his best buddy from next door. A nine-year-old is much more interested in video games than getting dressed up for a party!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Celebration of Miracles - November 13

The Celebration of Miracles is coming up!

Join us to raise money that will go directly to help families with sick and premature babies in the neonatal intensive care units of Sacramento area hospitals. Your ticket buys a fine dinner, generous wine tasting with some stellar wineries, a silent and live auction and then dancing!

Saturday, November 13, 2010
5:00-11:00 p.m.
Lake Natoma Inn (Historic Folsom)
Tickets: $60 per person or $100 per couple

Over 200 auction items (some samples:)
  • Family pack of Polar Express tickets (the Sacramento Railroad Museum production - those in the know, know that these sold out of the first day!)
  • Yellow Tour de France "podium cap" signed in 2003 by Lance Armstrong! Yes, a REAL podium cap signed by the Man himself!
  • Trip to Las Vegas: airfare, lodging, dinner and two shows!
  • Dozens of different wine packages (magnums, cases, individual reserve bottles)
  • Instant Wine Cellar - 36 bottles of wines from various local wineries and a 60-bottle wine fridge!
  • lots of small ticket items for families
  • Disneyland trip
  • Lithograph signed by the Rolling Stones
  • Photography package by Dawn Roberts Photography
  • Car care package (Folsom Auto Center certificate, detailing, and more)
  • the list goes on!

Dress up in your finery, have fun and support a good cause! Order tickets at or call 916-276-0373. Or, leave comments here or with the "contact me" form.

Only 50 tickets left!

Friday, October 08, 2010

NICU Reunion

This is a photo of two of the Respiratory Therapists from our NICU. I took this at the reunion we had a few weeks ago. I hadn't looked at it closely until now. I didn't realize what an amazing photo it was. These guys saved Beth's life on more than one ocassion. Seeing this just takes the words right out of me...something that doesn't often happen.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Elliott the “Veterinarian”

We make a joke in our house about food: Elliott is happy with vegetables while Beth prefers red meat. Between the two of them, we quip, our kids eat a square meal.

Lately, Elliott has expressed interest in eating only vegetables. I have explained that it is nice that he eats tofu but in order to be a vegetarian, he will need to learn to eat beans and other legumes (at this point he scrunches his face up in mock disgust).

Daddy and I have often tried to explain that sometimes, the decision to be a vegetarian is a philosophical one. Some people chose not to eat meat because they love animals or feel it is unfair that we "animals" eat other animals lower on the food chain when there are equally healthy alternatives. Daddy and I are quite happy being omnivores but we respect and actually admire vegetarians for their commitment to health or their personal convictions.

Throughout all this, Beth seems happy to be a carnivore and is totally oblivious to how the food chain operates (or so we think). We have to nearly force-feed her with vegetables, fruit and other fiber — for obvious reasons.

Beth, who wants to keep up with the rapid-fire conversation and the big words being bounced around concerning this important topic, is having trouble saying “veg-i-tar-ian”. Know what slips out of her mouth instead? Veterinarian.

No need to explain the animal welfare benefits of an anti-meat diet to that girl! Somehow, I think she already gets it.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Beth Sings "Yes, Jesus Loves Me!" at Calvin Crest Family Camp

We spend the Labor Day weekend at Calvin Crest for our Journey Church family camp. Both kids sang in their small groups on the last day (See Elliott's song below). Beth and the other 4-5 year olds were too cute for words. Notice how Beth came running towards Daddy and I about warming my heart!

Elliott Singing at Calvin Crest Family Camp

Enjoy this 40 second video of Elliott singing at Family Camp. He was so proud of himself (as were we!)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Quoted in NY Times Article about Kindergarten

I had the chance to talk with a New York Times writer about holding back kids for kindergarten. She quoted my reasons for keeping our son, Elliott, out until he was almost six. Now that he is a third grader, we realize we made a perspicacious decision four years ago. For the first time, he is not having too much trouble sitting through class. He is making good decision about his behavior and self-regulating when necessary.

Here is the link to the article.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Elliott's First Day of School

Notice the buzzed hair cut on Elliott? I hated to see his beautiful blonde hair cascade down onto the ground but he wanted to try something new. With his goofy teeth falling out all over the place and the crooked ones coming in, he has taken on an entirely different look! Ah, but he is cute anyway.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer and the Weather is Fine

This is turning out to be a wonderful cool summer in Nor Cal. There is nothing new to report about Beth except that she is finally weaning away from her afternoon naps. Now if I could just wean her off the pull-up at night! Does anyone else have tips for getting a four-year-old to stop peeing all night long? Restricted fluid intake at night makes no difference. She keeps telling me she will stop sucking her thumb and using a pull-up when she turns five. Perhaps I should start a chart with incentives along the way to keep her to her word. I'm not really sure how reliable a 4-year-old can be with these types of predictions. I have heard of other kids making snap decisions like this but will Beth hold to her promise?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Five Stiches!

I have always felt that the tile floor in the Aquatic Center bathroom was an accident waiting to happen (what were they thinking when they designed that place??)...I can't tell you how many times I have slipped on that floor. It is always wet and kids run to and fro in flipflops and bare feet.

Yesterday, the floor claimed Beth.

She was with our nanny who had taken Elliott and Beth to the pool. Beth got scared when someone turned on the hand dryer and when she ran away from the sound, she slipped. After getting her off the floor, Alyssa found that she had a nasty gash on her chin.

Beth was certainly a trooper for the shots to deaden the area before cleaning and then the five stitches it took to get it closed. She was amazingly poised for a four-year-old especially since I have seen her go bananas over minor cuts and scrapes. Beth didn't move a muscle throughout the entire procedure.

I managed to hold it together, too. I'm not squeamish. Heaven knows I have seen horses crash into fences and have horrific injuries so I know that I'm not a wimp. However, when it comes to Beth...well, I just can't handle it.

Perhaps there was a little PTSD running through my veins. I had a few flashbacks in the half-hour she laid on that table with medical personnel in scrubs hovered over her. Lord, I am thankful that she is alright. I mean really alright. I wonder if I'll ever be alright; I mean really alright?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Beth in Disneyland

Beth had her first visit to Disneyland this month. The trip was a reward for her "food incentive chart." Since Beth STILL is not a good eater, we tried a new tactic for getting her to eat. Alyssa created a cute princess poster festooned with a castle and a walkway to Disneyland. Beth earned a princess sticker for trying a new food or for simply eating a good meal. Her reward was this trip to Disneyland.

The photo slide show is on the way but for now, here a cute video highlight of her first Disney ride (the Tea Cups, of course) and meeting with the fairies at Pixie Hollow.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy 20th Anniversary to Us!

We were married 20 years ago! It was a rainy May weekend and we managed to slip in between the clouds to have our wedding, outside, on the balcony overlooking my parent's horse farm. It is hard to believe that we are in our mid-40s and have two young children in the home. Days are a little hectic but it has been a good, good life. We feel very blessed!

Enjoy this little trip down our memory lane!

p.s. I love you, Mike!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Ice Cream on Beth Day

(l to r) Elliott, Daddy, Beth, Mommy, Uncle Mark, Aunt Kathie eating ice cream at Mel's Diner. Ah, ice cream!

(Notice Elliott is cast-free! Now we can really play baseball. In fact, we had just come from his game and pizza party to have this special celebration.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Beth-day Tomorrow

May 1st marks four years since Beth has been home from the hospital. Wow! What an amazing ride this has been. It felt great to pull out this photo to remember the day we brought her home. We had been thinking it would be the end of the week before she was released when suddenly, Dr. Getman walked in and said, "How would you like to take her home today!?"

I nearly fell onto the floor!

After the nurse picked me up, I started to cry and shake like a giddy schoolgirl. I should have been nervous but was so thrilled to hear those words that I plum forgot how afraid we would be to have her be our responsibility without the benefit of machines and talented nurses watching her every move.

Four years later, she is about as normal as one can be (in this family).

This is the photo of Mike and I just before we took her home. We hadn't been prepared so Mike had ridden his Vespa to work that day. He still has his backpack and helmet hair from a wild ride back to the hospital when I called him to relay the news. Doesn't he look delighted? I drove her home in my car while he trailed behind on the scooter looking like the volunteer police.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Baseball, Eggs and Kitty

General commentary: Elliott can't play baseball yet but he is a pretty good bat boy. Slugger gets the cast off on the 26th. We hope he can handle the concussion of a bat-ball contact.

Charlotte (AKA "Rover") is gaining weight faster than Beth. Last count: Charlotte 11.6 pounds. Beth: 29.4 pounds.

All kids love Easter eggs and the Easter Bunny (thanks My Gym).

Beth's hair is NOT growing back at her bald spot. Gramma suggests Rogaine but we're not sure it is that desperate yet. If the added hair would translate to added weight, I might be tempted...Oh, well. She is awfully cute even with the bald spot!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Beth's Bald Spot

This is Beth's head.
This is the bald spot on Beth's head.
This is the hair that used to be on Beth's head...
before, instead
she yanked a lock of it while in bed.

I wonder if it can be said
that Beth's hair will retread!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Elliott's Invention

As I drove into the garage on Monday, Elliott was being helped home by the cute little girl down the street. She held him tenderly by the arm while he cradled his other arm. He had fallen out of the tree while swinging from his "invention". From what I can tell, the invention involved a large piece of rope and a tree limb.

Being the sympathetic mother that I am, I sat him down with a bag of ice and helped him wipe his tears. It swelled up a bit but I figured he was fine.

A few hours later, Elliott was still complaining that it hurt so I gave him Motrin, wrapped it with an ace bandage and sent him to bed. can guess where this is going...

He awoke that morning to mild swelling and an odd bruise forming at the end of his wrist. He said to me "Mom, if it was really hurting me, you know I wouldn't fake it, right?"

Well, I decided he might actually be hurting. Four hours later, we found out that is was in fact broken. A "buckle fracture" in fact, all the way across the ulna in his left arm.

So much for baseball and guitar lessons, eh?

Am I a crummy mom or what??

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Beth's 4th Birthday Party

Beth's birthday party was at My Gym with about 10 friends and a few siblings. We all had a wonderful time and the staff at My Gym did such a nice job of making her feel special. She got tossed into the air with the parachute, disappeared and a then re-appeared driving a cool car. She played "Mr. Fox, What Time is It?" and got to ride the zip line.

What a neat day for all of very blessed and lucky to have her here.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Winter Photos

Whew! The holiday break was a whirlwind of activity. We had two ski days, 1 playday in the snow, rock climbing (Granite Arch ROCKS!), 1 knocked-out tooth (Elliott's--thankfully a baby tooth), 1 cracked tooth leading to a root canal and crown (mine), many Easy Bake Oven cookies (not so great), lots of bouncehouse days (Thanks to Alyssa because Mom just can't stand another day there!), Beth's first real movie (Princess and the Frog), a visit with Athena, 1 potato gun (turned out to be the best gift of all)...and lots more I can't remember.

A few photos to enjoy.