Saturday, March 27, 2010

Elliott's Invention

As I drove into the garage on Monday, Elliott was being helped home by the cute little girl down the street. She held him tenderly by the arm while he cradled his other arm. He had fallen out of the tree while swinging from his "invention". From what I can tell, the invention involved a large piece of rope and a tree limb.

Being the sympathetic mother that I am, I sat him down with a bag of ice and helped him wipe his tears. It swelled up a bit but I figured he was fine.

A few hours later, Elliott was still complaining that it hurt so I gave him Motrin, wrapped it with an ace bandage and sent him to bed. can guess where this is going...

He awoke that morning to mild swelling and an odd bruise forming at the end of his wrist. He said to me "Mom, if it was really hurting me, you know I wouldn't fake it, right?"

Well, I decided he might actually be hurting. Four hours later, we found out that is was in fact broken. A "buckle fracture" in fact, all the way across the ulna in his left arm.

So much for baseball and guitar lessons, eh?

Am I a crummy mom or what??