Friday, April 30, 2010

Beth-day Tomorrow

May 1st marks four years since Beth has been home from the hospital. Wow! What an amazing ride this has been. It felt great to pull out this photo to remember the day we brought her home. We had been thinking it would be the end of the week before she was released when suddenly, Dr. Getman walked in and said, "How would you like to take her home today!?"

I nearly fell onto the floor!

After the nurse picked me up, I started to cry and shake like a giddy schoolgirl. I should have been nervous but was so thrilled to hear those words that I plum forgot how afraid we would be to have her be our responsibility without the benefit of machines and talented nurses watching her every move.

Four years later, she is about as normal as one can be (in this family).

This is the photo of Mike and I just before we took her home. We hadn't been prepared so Mike had ridden his Vespa to work that day. He still has his backpack and helmet hair from a wild ride back to the hospital when I called him to relay the news. Doesn't he look delighted? I drove her home in my car while he trailed behind on the scooter looking like the volunteer police.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Baseball, Eggs and Kitty

General commentary: Elliott can't play baseball yet but he is a pretty good bat boy. Slugger gets the cast off on the 26th. We hope he can handle the concussion of a bat-ball contact.

Charlotte (AKA "Rover") is gaining weight faster than Beth. Last count: Charlotte 11.6 pounds. Beth: 29.4 pounds.

All kids love Easter eggs and the Easter Bunny (thanks My Gym).

Beth's hair is NOT growing back at her bald spot. Gramma suggests Rogaine but we're not sure it is that desperate yet. If the added hair would translate to added weight, I might be tempted...Oh, well. She is awfully cute even with the bald spot!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Beth's Bald Spot

This is Beth's head.
This is the bald spot on Beth's head.
This is the hair that used to be on Beth's head...
before, instead
she yanked a lock of it while in bed.

I wonder if it can be said
that Beth's hair will retread!