Thursday, June 24, 2010

Five Stiches!

I have always felt that the tile floor in the Aquatic Center bathroom was an accident waiting to happen (what were they thinking when they designed that place??)...I can't tell you how many times I have slipped on that floor. It is always wet and kids run to and fro in flipflops and bare feet.

Yesterday, the floor claimed Beth.

She was with our nanny who had taken Elliott and Beth to the pool. Beth got scared when someone turned on the hand dryer and when she ran away from the sound, she slipped. After getting her off the floor, Alyssa found that she had a nasty gash on her chin.

Beth was certainly a trooper for the shots to deaden the area before cleaning and then the five stitches it took to get it closed. She was amazingly poised for a four-year-old especially since I have seen her go bananas over minor cuts and scrapes. Beth didn't move a muscle throughout the entire procedure.

I managed to hold it together, too. I'm not squeamish. Heaven knows I have seen horses crash into fences and have horrific injuries so I know that I'm not a wimp. However, when it comes to Beth...well, I just can't handle it.

Perhaps there was a little PTSD running through my veins. I had a few flashbacks in the half-hour she laid on that table with medical personnel in scrubs hovered over her. Lord, I am thankful that she is alright. I mean really alright. I wonder if I'll ever be alright; I mean really alright?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Beth in Disneyland

Beth had her first visit to Disneyland this month. The trip was a reward for her "food incentive chart." Since Beth STILL is not a good eater, we tried a new tactic for getting her to eat. Alyssa created a cute princess poster festooned with a castle and a walkway to Disneyland. Beth earned a princess sticker for trying a new food or for simply eating a good meal. Her reward was this trip to Disneyland.

The photo slide show is on the way but for now, here a cute video highlight of her first Disney ride (the Tea Cups, of course) and meeting with the fairies at Pixie Hollow.