Friday, September 24, 2010

Elliott the “Veterinarian”

We make a joke in our house about food: Elliott is happy with vegetables while Beth prefers red meat. Between the two of them, we quip, our kids eat a square meal.

Lately, Elliott has expressed interest in eating only vegetables. I have explained that it is nice that he eats tofu but in order to be a vegetarian, he will need to learn to eat beans and other legumes (at this point he scrunches his face up in mock disgust).

Daddy and I have often tried to explain that sometimes, the decision to be a vegetarian is a philosophical one. Some people chose not to eat meat because they love animals or feel it is unfair that we "animals" eat other animals lower on the food chain when there are equally healthy alternatives. Daddy and I are quite happy being omnivores but we respect and actually admire vegetarians for their commitment to health or their personal convictions.

Throughout all this, Beth seems happy to be a carnivore and is totally oblivious to how the food chain operates (or so we think). We have to nearly force-feed her with vegetables, fruit and other fiber — for obvious reasons.

Beth, who wants to keep up with the rapid-fire conversation and the big words being bounced around concerning this important topic, is having trouble saying “veg-i-tar-ian”. Know what slips out of her mouth instead? Veterinarian.

No need to explain the animal welfare benefits of an anti-meat diet to that girl! Somehow, I think she already gets it.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Beth Sings "Yes, Jesus Loves Me!" at Calvin Crest Family Camp

We spend the Labor Day weekend at Calvin Crest for our Journey Church family camp. Both kids sang in their small groups on the last day (See Elliott's song below). Beth and the other 4-5 year olds were too cute for words. Notice how Beth came running towards Daddy and I about warming my heart!

Elliott Singing at Calvin Crest Family Camp

Enjoy this 40 second video of Elliott singing at Family Camp. He was so proud of himself (as were we!)