Thursday, June 09, 2011

Vacation in Hawaii

12 Days in is tough to come home to California (especially since there was construction going on at home while we were away). Dust covers everything except my office which was sealed off by plastic and tape.

We had a fabulous time: first trip for Beth to the islands. We took her up to 8,000 feet elevation near the top of Haleakela. I've had altitude sickness there on previous trips so we didn't want to go to the very top. Beth was a little nauseaus at 8K and so was I. In all other ways, she seemed fine up so high. This is just one more example that her little lungs are extremely NORMAL despite the NICU interventions. At the ranger station at 8K feet, we saw two families with infants. Mike and I were nearly panic-stricken for them. I know that most babies should be able to handle the altitude without any problem but we couldn't help but be worried for them. We wouldn't have dreamed of taking Beth to such heights when she was an infant. Guess you have to witness the struggles of a baby on a respirator to worry about these things.

Beth stricking a pose on the beach.
Elliott boogieboarding on a BIG wave day (Mike sprained his ankle on a big wave when getting slammed into the beach).