Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This Girl is Reading Already!

Kindergarten is just around the corner for Beth. I am wondering if she actually needs to go. She is reading Elliott's books. In fact, she is attempting to read the first Harry Potter book now.

I wonder if any other parents of super-readers have thoughts about Kindergarten? I'd like to know if your child was bored silly or if it was just plain fun to be in Kindergarten anyway.

When I think back to the fears we had when Beth was in the NICU, it seems odd to be where we are now. Anything could have happened during those dangerous days. And yet, by the grace of God and excellent medical care (probably some good genes, too), she is smart, beautiful and healthy.

Save the date: Friends of NICU fundraiser, the Celebration of Miracles is on Saturday, November 5.