Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Day of School: Kindergarten and Fourth Grade

An equally "loving" teacher is our Kindergarten teacher at Theodore Judah Elementary School. Elliott had Mrs. Young and now it is Beth's turn.

These three cute girls were in Elliott's Kindergarten class and they are all in the same fourth-grade class this year. Our school has a new magnet school called the "Gateway Academy." The Academy is for gifted kids but also for kids like Elliott who sometimes don't perform up to their capabilities. We were so thrilled that he made it in even though he wasn't officially gifted. We did receive notification last week, however, that his STAR test results were good enough to push him into the gifted ranks.

Elliott decided to wear the tie. This kid has a future in PR; He realizes that first impressions are important! Mike, on the other hand, thinks Elliott was more focused on the girls' than on his teacher's impressions.

Preschool Graduate

I get tired of writing profound things about Beth. Sometimes I just want to enjoy her and the wonderful we are living. These photos are of Beth's preschool graduation (back in June). As you can see, pink and black are the "stylish" colors for little girls right now. And, Beth is noticably the shortest girl in her group (guess who she got that from??).

She went to Joy of Children Preschool in Folsom (as did Elliott). The teachers at Joy are wonderful people who have loved so many children in this community. Mike often talks about how much they helped him when I had to be in the hospital. Then, they gave me a shoulder to cry on for the uncertain months while Beth was in the NICU.

We will miss all the Joy of Children teachers (but we are thankful they are a few blocks from our house so we can stop by frequently).