Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Beth at Seven

I've been unable to write anything about Beth for over a year because I have been very sick. I contracted a viral infection of the central nervous system. The infection gradually took down more and more of my body functions until I was confined to bed, sick to my stomach, in pain and unable to sleep. The worst of it lasted for about four months. I closed down my consulting business and was unable to function for nearly 14 months. However, thanks to two terrific doctors and a slew of blood tests, I am working my way back to full health.

I've been doing pretty well since September, 2012 but haven't gotten around to checking in with Beth's blog. During my writing sabbatical, Beth has continued to thrive. She is now in the first grade at an advanced learning academy. She reads at the middle school level (although the official comprehension level is about 4-5th grade. She has reached a weight of 40 pounds (as long as her hair is wet and she has clothes on). She is the healthiest person in our family!

Enjoy these recent photos of our miracle girl!