Friday, November 21, 2014

My Book, Saving Beth, to be posted on this blog

I’ve been sitting on this book for a few years now. It’s been read and critiqued by dozens of friends and quite a few excellent writers. A segment of Saving Beth won a non-fiction writing contest hosted by Inspire Writers. I’ve always felt people should know about the miraculous events leading up to Beth’s birth. However despite this feeling and encouragement from others, I simply wasn’t comfortable with the idea of the entire story being out in public. This story is so real, so raw and intensely personal I feared how it would be received and if it served any purpose for being read by anyone else.

Despite my trepidation, this gnawing on my heart won’t go away. Beth is a miracle three times over and I feel her life is testimony to God’s very real involvement in what goes on here on earth. So, I’m turning her story loose and will post the 32 chapters and 63,000+ words here, trickling them out 1 or 2 chapters per week.

I will alert readers to the most difficult chapters as they are posted because if you know the true story, you know there are some heart-wrenching and tragic moments.

If you are asking why here and why not as a print or e-book, I guess the answer is that I’m still not ready for that full commitment. Here is safe where friends and family already know Beth’s story. If anyone else stumbles upon my blog, then I hope they will read and discover that in the most hopeless and shattering of situations, God will work a miracle. Gifts come in surprising ways and sometimes, after intense pain.


p.s. I could use some encouragement to keep this up. If you feel the book is well-written and worth promoting to others because of the story it relates, please tell me. If not, I would appreciate your feedback, corrections, edits, comments, whatever…We can all learn. Just don’t tell me I’m a nincompoop!

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