The book, Saving Beth

Read posts starting on November 22 for the chapters of Saving Beth: A Miracle of the Tiniest Proportion. The story about Beth's survival is so amazing that I have been writing a book. The book winds through the seven weeks we spent in the hospital just to reach the point where Beth had a chance to survive outside my womb. It was a painful and scary time and worst of all, we lost Beth's twin sister, Julianne.

It was all so traumatic and difficult that I started writing to help me cope with the loss of Julianne and my perceived culpability in her demise. Last year, the book took on a life of its own. In the process of writing it, I discovered new things about myself, about God, about my family and the amazing miracle of Beth's survival.

I've often said that Beth is a bundle of three miracles: first, in conceiving her after I was told we would never conceive again; second, in getting her to 26 weeks where she had a chance to survive; and third, when she began her own tortured journey through the NICU but emerged unscathed.

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