About me & my family

This blog began a few days after Beth's birth when she weighed just 1 pound and 15 ounces. It originally began as a way to keep our friends and families informed about Beth's progress. There were so many ups and downs in those early days that we could not keep up with everyone's request for information.

Over the three months that Beth was in the NICU, we learned many things about hope, frustration, joy and despair. It is our hope that by reading what we went through, other parents will find help in dealing with their baby's hospitalization. 
Please feel free to leave comments/questions on any post (all are moderated) and I will reply whenever possible. You may also contact me using the "contact" page.

These days, I do not post nearly as often as I would like to. Everything is so beautifully normal that it seems self-centered to report each detail of our lives. Yet, other NICU parents need to know that their babies will come home some day and that life will not always center around the plastic isolette that cradles your child. Perhaps our normal life is interesting to some.

Please subscribe to this site so that you will be automatically notified when we have posts to share. In the coming months, I hope to release portions of my book The Heartbeat Within: A Memoir of the Tiniest Proportions.  ...the name might revert to Saving Beth but that is another story...